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Kara Sincavage - Owner and Realtor Extroadinaire

Mobile Phone: 570-807-4451

Office Phone: 570-606-4111 Ext. 4

Fax: 570-606-4111



My name is Kara Sincavage. I am a native of Greenwood acres and Blakeslee Pennsylvania for the past 49 years. My family has been in land development, subdivision, new construction, Home Décor & Decorating and building and property management since 1960. I was born into the business and I have absolutely enjoyed every single part of it and I look forward to start building your dream home. we have over 52 1/2 Acre lots in Greenwood Acres with Central Sewer to build on.

We look forward to meeting new clients, sitting down finding out what you want in your home and building you Exactly What You Want.  Why buy someone else's headaches when you can have what you want.

Please feel free to call me direct at 570-807-4451.  Looking forward to helping you with all your Real Estate & Home Needs, whether you are buying, selling, building, remodeling or renting.


Tim Brown~Project Manager


E-mail: Click Here!

Mobile Phone: 570-664-1055

Office Phone: 570-606-4111 Ext. 3


Fax: 570-606-4111



Tim Brown


William Sincavage - Broker of Record, Realtor

Land Developer & Land Specialist

Creator of Greenwood Acres~Lake Sinca

E-mail: Click Here!

Mobile Phone: 570-656-1099

Office Phone: 570-606-4111

Fax: 570-606-4111


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